Elisha Seaton Makeup

Most little girls enjoy playing with makeup at some point in their lives, and some little girls, well, they devour the works of renowned makeup artists and dream of someday having glossy pages filled with their own work. I'll leave it to you to guess which type of child I happened to be. 

I am mother to two of the most exuberant, hilarious, and spunky little girls alive. They love when they are able to watch me work. One of my hopes and prayers is to model for them a life marked by living passionately and pursuing that which God has placed inside of them . My husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this year. He is the most supportive individual I have ever known and without him, there is no way I would be living out my dreams today.

I consider it an honor to call this lifelong passion a career. Being a working artist is not something I take lightly in the least. Excellence and integrity in all things are my personal goals. I am committed to working my absolute hardest to provide each and every client with the result they most desire. It is my personal belief that everyone intrinsically possesses beauty and my passion lies in empowering others to recognize and embrace the beauty within themselves.   

If you remember nothing else from this page, remember this: You are priceless. You are incredible. You are magical. You have a purpose. And, you are loved more than you may ever know.



Professional freelance makeup artist